Size does matter!

In our matchmaking service we hear all sorts of requirements about a future life partner, and we do our best to fulfill them and find a suitable match. At Dinner at Eight upgraded program, our clients can select three filters for their dinner match. Soon enough, we discovered a pattern in these requests.
All women seem to want a tall, educated and non-smoking gentleman, despite their own height, educational level and lifestyle. Although, for boys who do not fall into those categories, charisma, sense of humor, kindness and good manners can do the magic and guarantee them a successful dating scene. However the interesting part here is that the ladies seem to be oblivious to what men are looking for.
All those tall, smart and successful guys are looking for young(er), slim, attractive and happy partners. It is that simple. So ladies, size does matter, and while boys could not change their height in any way, you can definitely improve your chances for success. Yes, this is coming from us – from the office where none of us is a pixie or a mermaid. And yes, we do know how hard it is (especially with those amazing lunches Katja cooks!).
If you are offended and say, “Oh! But he has to love me just the way I am”, then you will also have to take off your judgemental hat and accept the man as he is. So, ladies, you have two options in front of you: stop being judgemental and accept men in whatever form and shape they come in, or work extremely hard to gain the right to say “I want a person who can match me”.
“Is there is another way around?”, you may ask. Yes! Happy goes lucky. A beautiful personality and a positive outlook on people around you, dramatically increases the chances to find a fulfilling relationship. Well, none of us non-pixie ladies are single, so we know what we are talking about!

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