No need for pick up lines- The easy way to date!

It is Friday night and you want to get out there and meet some new faces. You walk into your favorite club, with friends or alone, order a drink and start scanning the room. Sooner or later you see a cheerful group at another table and one face among them stands out and captures your imagination. That’s it. That is the one you want to get to know. You feel a pleasant rush of  excitement….

We have all been there. And we all like that warm feeling for the first 10-15 minutes or so. For most of us, that gets quickly replaced by something else – hesitation, doubt, fear…this unnamed feeling is known by many names. You see, our evolutionary brain is constantly trying to fix the problems that we present to it. So as you watch the person that has captured your interest, your brain is working hard, contemplating different scenarios of how to get into that person’s sphere of attention. It is never easy. As soon as your brain presents a viable ‘strategy’ it gets dismantled and crushed by your other self – your emotions.

“Let’s not do that….we are just going to get hurt.”. “Remember the last time?”. And unfortunately, our emotions, whether we like to admit it or not, rule us in the key moments of our lives. So, your finish your drink, glance one last time at the table where your interest is and walk away with a heavy heart or what is even worse, some self-directed disappointment.

Making the first move is always hard – whether you are a 16 year old at a school dance or 60 at your friends party. And this challenge does not discriminate between genders. Many men and women never have a go at or give a chance to a person they clearly fancy. Sad, isn’t it? For many women, cultural conformity makes it even harder – traditionally, women were told, it is a men’s job to approach them and if they approach instead they will be seen as too forward and assertive. This belief still holds, even in our time of social progress, equality and tolerance. Thankfully, things are changing. Will men like this change? That is another topic.

Is there another way? Well, yes there is. Dinner @ Eight Club! We are a member based club for genuinely single people looking for new friendships and relationships. Our team organises weekly dinners for our members. Tables have equal number of women and men of similar age and some common interests and are hosted in a variety of Melbourne’s best restaurants. The Dinner are for four, six or eight members. Big enough to socialise, small enough to connect.

The biggest benefit of our club is that it takes away the hassle and discomfort of making the first move. As a member, all you need to do, is to let us know when you are available to attend the dinner. We book you in and send you the details of the restaurant and the names of your companions, a couple of days in advance.

On the night of the dinner you arrive at your restaurant and get shown to the table with other members. You will have a pleasant dining experience in the company of some new friends who are there for the same reason as you – to meet and to get to know someone. Have fun, relax, chat, eat something tasty, have a glass of wine. There is of course, a high chance that you will like someone at the table so much that you would be willing to arrange to see them again. In that case, you can ask that person to exchange numbers. Or you can contact our team after the dinner and ask to pass your contact details to the person you wish to get to know better. So there you go! Hassle free! A good evening out and no pick up lines required.
So as this week’s Friday approaching, don’t delay! Instead of again heading to your favorite club or pub, contact Dinner @ Eight and join us at one of our dinners and start meeting new people in a friendly environment.


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