How it Works?

How it works: Group Dinners for single

We meet all potential members face to face before they sign up on any of our Social dinner dating memberships. By social dating we mean a group environment where everyone is genuinely single (and could be a potential partner!). 

Once signed up, we ask you to send us your availability regularly so we can start inviting you to dinners with other singles. When you are booked into a dinner, you will receive information regarding the restaurant’s name, address, booking code name and first names of your dinner companions a couple of days prior. There is a $39 booking fee per dinner to cover the administration costs. 
We host dinners every weekend at a variety of Melbourne’s best restaurants for different age groups. 

It’s far more relaxing and engaging to meet new people over dinner than at parties, bars or nightclubs because it means you actually get a chance to learn about another person. With us, you will be exposed to like-minded singles, improving your chances of meeting someone you’re actually interested in pursuing a friendship or relationship with.

We also understand that people are different so we offer a range of services to suit you. In addition to our excellent dinner club service we also have Gold and Platinum programs which include more filtering. 

So what’s holding you back? Don’t spend this Saturday night alone,
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