If you love good food and good company and just happen to be single then read on…


Instead of staying home alone or succumbing to the pressure (and often disappointment) of a one-on-one online date, the Dinner at Eight Dinner Club service  selects a mix of single women and men matched by age and common interests for a fine dining experience at Melbourne’s best restaurants.

Meet us for a consultation so we can get to know you personally. We screen all of our members face to face and perform an ID check, unlike online dating sites. Once signed up, you can attend dinners based on your availability. A group ranging from four, to a table for six, and sometimes up to a dinner for eight members meets at 8 o’clock (hence the name Dinner at Eight). The dinners are balanced, with 3 single women and 3 single men, mingling around the table. Therefore, each social dinner date takes on a life of its own – an evening of friendly conversation in one of Melbourne’s best restaurants! The end result is always a memorable evening out and a new friend (or six!). We organise more than 300 dinners per year in Melbourne alone, and with the largest database of members, we can guarantee you a lot of great dinners out!
The joining fee is only $395 for your club membership.

Dinner at Eight’s dinner club social dining dating service is open to single men and women looking for good company and good food in Melbourne, with Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane opening soon.

If you are want more consider our Gold and Platinum memberships!

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