Just get to know me!

We are living in a society, where it is easy to judge people. When you meet a random person in places like a bar or on public transport, we are ready to jump to conclusions and assume we know everything there is to know about them. If a gentleman says he is a lawyer we tend to mark him as rich and boring. If a lady mentions she is an artist, we decide that she is poor and unreliable. We believe introverts have no sense of humor, extroverts are loud, and the list goes on.
At The Dinner Club, we make the introductions over dinner so you get the chance to engage with the real person and not their labels. The boring lawyer may also be an Olympic athlete. The introverted IT guy could be a star stand-up comedian. The lady artist could be smart with her earnings and have payed off her mortgages. It does not take much to judge people. But when you put in a little more effort to express genuine interest in the other person and try to find something exciting about their lives, you will notice an immediate improvement in your social life. Having met all of our dinner club members, we can guarantee that each of you is a unique, magnificent gem.
Try to go to each dinner with the goal of trying to find three interesting and amazing things about each of your dinner companion before dessert arrives on the table. If you are willing to go take these steps, we can promise that each of your dinner with us will be brilliant. Moreover, as we discussed before, it will increase the chance of you being liked in return. Though everyone you meet might not be Prince Charming or Angelina Jolie, they are still unique and interesting people.
It is with this attitude that we welcome new customers everyday, and it is the only reason we keep the business running. We believe that each of you is amazing and would love for you to meet each other and enrich your life!

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