Gold Membership

Our Gold membership program is for those that want that little extra! 

We save you time and effort to improve your dinner club experience with more compatible members.

​The Gold program is still a social dinner club membership and is not to be confused with matchmaking. Of course like our standard dinner club membership this is still for genuine single men and women who would like to meet real people, real faces, over good food at some of Melbourne’s best restaurants. In some ways it could be considered similar to some of the searches you might find yourself doing in online dating, but with the dinner club Gold program you are meeting real members, whom we have screened face to face on your behalf.
The Dinner at Eight Gold program is for members who like the concept of a group dinner, but would like to meet more likeminded tablemates than at a standard club dinner. This improves your dining experience with greater compatibility between you and some handpicked table companions. Here we go over and above Dinner at Eight Standard Club dinners based on age, interests, hobbies and sports. For our Gold program dinners we are able to filter our membership database within reason, on more preferences such as:

  • age
  • professional background
  • educational level
  • smoking status
  • children
  • lifestyle
  • physical characteristics

To do this we obviously have to spend more time with you in a longer and more in depth consultation and then work our magic by finding you more compatible tablemates. Most of your Gold Dinners will still be at a table for six, but a dinner for four or even dinner for two can be arranged by agreement. Like all our dinners we do all the hard work; we check members’ availability and book the best restaurant for you and your chosen tablemate.
Each dinner dating party takes on a life of its own – an evening of friendly conversation, good food, good company, the chance to expand your circle of friends and possibly meet that special someone. We run multiple Gold tables every week as we organise more than 300 dinners per year in Melbourne alone. With the largest database of members of all ages, we can guarantee you a lot of great dinners out!

We love to know how this dinner club version of matchmaking works for you and appreciate feedback. Our Dinner at Eight Gold program is one level above our Standard Club membership and includes the opportunity to blend the two social dating services.
Dinner at Eight’s dinner club Gold dating service is open to discerning single professionals looking for new friends and dating opportunities in Melbourne, with Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane opening soon.

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If you are after more support and feedback to assist you in your dining dating experience, then we would suggest considering our Dating Success Programs

If you are after a dinner for two matchmaking service rather than our social dinner club, then please consider our sister company Dinner for Two

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