Club Rules

Club Rules
Rules are in place not only out of respect to other members, but to ensure you present yourself in the best way possible. To avoid any embarrassment at dinners, please dress appropriately and in accordance with club guidelines, which are outlined below. By enforcing these standards we hope to increase your chances of success in the club, so you can always put your best foot forward and make a great first impression.

Dress standards
Dinner Club members must attend dinners well groomed and dressed in a neat way that adheres to our club’s standards. For men, this means a crisp collared shirt, crew or v neck sweater if necessary, and/or blazer or  jacket. Sporting wear, including polo tops, are not allowed. Standard blue denim jeans are also not allowed for either gender, but chinos and very dark blue or black denim is acceptable. For women, neat and attractive style clothing is expected. If you require further clarification, contact the office.

Out of respect to the restaurant and other guests, please aim to arrive five minutes early, but no more than 10 minutes.If you are running more than 10 minutes late, please call the restaurant and ask them to notify your accompanying dinner guests.
If you have a scheduled time to to leave (e.g. someone is picking you up, you have an early start the next day), please alert your dinner companions at the start of the evening and politely excuse yourself before you go.

Use of mobile phones
For the respect of fellow dinner members, we request that Dinner Club members set their phones on silent for the duration of the dinner. If an emergency arises or an important call must be made or received, it is important to excuse yourself and take the phone call elsewhere. Texting or using phone applications at the dinner table is unacceptable and disrespectful to other guests.
You may use your mobile phone to diarise events if you make plans with others during the night, or for the purpose of exchanging phone numbers, which we encourage. If you are unable to exchange contact details on the night, but would like to pass your details onto another member, please contact the office.

For the respect and privacy of other members, please do not take photographs or video footage of dinner companions. Furthermore, the uploading of any photography or video footage of Club Members is not allowed and will have severe consequences on your membership. The Dinner Club reserves the right to take photographs or video footage when hosting events if express permission is received by members.