Dating Success Program

It's here. Finally!! The much-awaited Dating specialists' coaching and advice

The dating scene is never easy - it is difficult trying to navigate other people’s emotions and convey your own with confidence and intent. Our dedicated dating specialists are qualified and here to help! You wouldn’t go to a friend for a toothache (unless they were a dentist!), so why seek advice from them for problems they won’t be able to help with? This is where a dating specialist comes in - someone who is judgement free, obides by confidentiality and has a wealth of knowledge on dating and etiquette to help guide you.

Here are some reasons why you might consider some coaching:

  • Not getting any second dates after what you thought was a great first date
  • Not interested in the people who are attracted to you and vice versa
  • Meeting new people but pessimistic about the existence of suitable single men/women
  • Confused and struggling to understand your date’s intentions
  • Have a hard time approaching people
  • Always approached by the wrong people or never at all
  • Your last relationship was difficult and you have a hard time trusting new people

Our senior consultant Katja has a wealth of knowledge across years of experience doing seminars and mentoring. She has a proven success record in coaching people achieve dating success and has been the head matchmaker of Dinner for Two since 2010. This has exposed her to a range of dating situations, making her conscious of the variety of human emotions and ways of communication. Her charismatic and positive attitude make clients feel at ease, and her reassuring but critical perspective ensures results!

Katja as a senior consultant is supported by a team of administrators who have experience in coaching and have studied psychology at a university level. They can offer additional support over the phone and provide honest feedback to help you make the most of your membership.

How to get extra coaching sessions:

If you are finding it difficult to make a connection with other people, a single coaching session will help uncover how you can approach meeting people in a more engaging and positive way. A single 60 minute session costs $250.

If you have had a challenging break up, divorce or family situation which affects your ability to move forward and trust new people, a package of three sessions would suit you. A package will involve debriefing pre and post date to discuss your concerns and address these issues to increase your chances of partnering up.

To get the most out of our social dining club and to receive additional support, we have our Platinum level membership which includes filtered introductions (as per Gold membership), plus 6 hours of additional coaching and team support during your membership. This packaging is design to maximise the efficiency of your dating process and to save you around $500.

Our Platinum program is perfect for someone who has just exited a long term relationship or marriage and doesn’t know where to start when it comes to dating. It is also suitable for someone who has not experienced a long term relationship before to help advise them on their journey. For those who had a difficult break up or experience with their last relationship but are ready to get back into the dating scene with a slow approach, this option is also ideal.

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