Dating someone younger. Are you ready for this?

It is natural to be attracted to youth. Throughout the history of art, it has been extensively celebrated – in music, paintings, poetry and many other creative mediums. What often attracts us to youth is, of course, its beauty. But also other characteristics, such as excitability and admirable naivety about life, vibrancy and optimistic outlook. … [Read more…]

Dating is not a funny business

Has this ever happened to you? You are out on a date with this very nice lad. Conversation is flowing nicely as you talk about your skiing trip and he tells you about his latest weekend trip surfing. There is magic in the air and you are feeling great! Then he tries to spice the … [Read more…]

Taj Mahal Rose Love Potion

Inspired by a picnic with a group of lovely and sophisticated single ladies at the performance of Oscar winning Indian music composer AR Rahman in Melbourne, I designed this sensual indian rose, cinnamon and cardamom infused love potion to set the mood for the evening. This rose water and vanilla spiced vodka cocktail is romantic … [Read more…]

Dating after a difficult break up

Dealing with a break-up is hard, especially after an extremely long relationship. Adding dating into the equation soon afterwards can make things really overwhelming, and chances are you don’t know where to start. Here are some important things to remember after exiting a long term relationship: 1. Take some time to focus on yourself If … [Read more…]

What to do when you have to make a last minute cancellation on a blind date!

Of course, sometimes things don’t go as planned, like your car breaking down or sudden illness. Other than the general frustration that accompanies life’s inconveniences, not knowing your date’s contact details to warn them in advance can make things a bit more tricky, especially because you still want to make a good first impression.   … [Read more…]

Film recommendation – Worlds Apart

​As a hardworking matchmaker and dinner party organiser, I rarely get a chance to see a movie. Hence, I am quite fussy about which films are worthwhile to watch at the cinema. Worlds Apart, screened as part of the Melbourne Greek Film Festival, caught my attention because the theme is love, but the film is … [Read more…]