Book review “He’s just not that into you” by Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo

Caution: During reading “He is just not that into you” you will need a stiff drink.. or two… Written in a very lighthearted humorous manner, it talks about fundamental self respect and the ability to cut off a toxic relationship. In stories told by different ladies in the book, you may recognise your current or past romantic situation, and this might be difficult to accept. But you need to remove this “rotten tooth” for the sake of your personal psychological and physical health.

Also, how is your soulmate supposed to find you, if you are constantly holding into men, who are “just not into you”. We have all heard this million of times: “love yourself”, “never go for emotionally unavailable or abusive men”, “you deserve better” etc, and usually it goes into one ear and then straight “dooof”- out of the other one. The style in which this book is written will force you to have a look at the situation rationally and realise whether he is into you … or not.

I strongly recommend this book not only for ladies who are actively searching for Mr. Right, but also for ladies, who think, “maybe he is Right, but maybe not” even after one, two or five years together.

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