Size does matter!

In our matchmaking service we hear all sorts of requirements about a future life partner, and we do our best to fulfill them and find a suitable match. At Dinner at Eight upgraded program, our clients can select three filters for their dinner match. Soon enough, we discovered a pattern in these requests. All women … [Read more…]

Just get to know me!

We are living in a society, where it is easy to judge people. When you meet a random person in places like a bar or on public transport, we are ready to jump to conclusions and assume we know everything there is to know about them. If a gentleman says he is a lawyer we … [Read more…]

How to charm your date- useful tips straight from the psychology lab!

You met this beautiful lady (or charming gentleman) over the table. How to make the best impression and increase the chance of them liking you? What would lead to a second date? Karen Huang and her Harvard colleagues have done the research, which will help increase your attraction! While our partner is speaking, we’re busy … [Read more…]